Fees and Government Subsidy
Tuition Fees:  2019–20 Academic Year 
Grades K – 9            

32,970 Swedish Kronor for the 2019-20 academic year
The School Fee is adjusted yearly according to indexation used by the Gothenburg Region (GR)
For families with more than two children, there is a 50% reduction in the fees for the third and fourth child.

The School Fee must be paid in accordance with conditions in the SCHOOL FEE PAYMENT PLAN. The full term fee must be paid even if a student only attends part of the term and a Late Withdrawal / Initial Enrollment Fee applies if a formal Withdrawal Form is not submitted 30 days before the student's last day of school if leaving during a term, or prior to the final withdrawal notice date (by 31 October or 30 April) if leaving at the end of a term. Please contact the Business Assistant, Helen Lang Helen.Lang@isgr.se for further information about invoicing.

Government Subsidies
Each municipality makes a financial contribution towards the education of students residing in their area.  In order for us to receive the financial contribution, we need to provide the municipality with the student's name, registered address and Swedish personal number.  This information is therefore compulsory.  If you are not correctly registered at the Tax Office, with a residential address in a Gothenburg Region municipality, you will be personally liable for costs incurred by the School and your place will be Withdrawn.