Application Information
Admission Requirements
In order to process your application we require the following forms completed online in accordance with the Admissions Criteria:
  1. Completed online Application Form, including uploads of the following documentation:
    (a) Scan of student's passport ID
    (b) Student's School reports for previous two years
    (c) A letter from your company or organisation confirming your move to Sweden for a time-limited work or study assignment based in the Gothenburg Region.
  2. Completed Language Form.
  3. Completed Student Health & Emergency Information Form (including an upload of a Vaccination report).
  4. Completed Learning Support Form (only if applicable).
Offer of place
Once we have received your completed application (including all documentation listed above) we will assess your eligibility for admission against our criteria (detailed in Frequently Asked Questions).  If eligible, we will offer you a place as soon as the student can be accommodated. The time it takes to provide a place will depend on the available resources and capacity in the relevant class.

Waiting List

We do not usually operate a waiting list and every effort is made to provide a place for all those students who meet the admissions criteria and requirements.  However, it may sometimes be necessary to defer the offer of a place due to class sizes and available resources, but you will be advised of this at the earliest opportunity.

Acceptance of a place and Fee payment

An offer letter advising of a place at ISGR will be emailed to successful applicants with details including a start date, grade level placement and fee payment instructions. The School Fee must be paid as part of the acceptance process and an invoice will be sent for your attention.  The School Fee is an annual fee which is payable in full regardless of when a student starts school, it is also non-refundable should a student leave mid-term.  

Registration requirements
A Swedish Personal Number (or evidence that it has been applied for) along with the student's registered residential address in the Gothenburg Region, must be provided before starting at the School.