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Application Form - International High School (IB Diploma Programme)
School History

Please be aware that there are required copies of documents (either in PDF format or image file) that need to be uploaded before the application can be submitted. On this page you must provide copies of applicant’s school reports from the previous two years. Files should combined into one file (eg PDF or Zip) before uploading. Please DO NOT email your documentation as it overloads the school’s email system and is not a secure nor accepted way to satisfy the terms and conditions of the application process.

School History

Please provide school reports for the previous two years or a letter from the Pre-School if no previous schooling – multiple reports must be combined into one file (eg PDF or Zip) before uploading:

Has your child ever received support services or participated in the following programs: Remedial or Learning Support/ Speech or Language Therapy/ Behaviour Management or a Gifted and Talented program? If yes, please complete the separate Learning Support Form.