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Application Form - International Primary & Middle School (IB PYP & MYP)
Employment/Organisation Details

Please note that to be considered for a place at the start of the 2019/2020 Academic Year (Autumn Term), commencing Wednesday 21st August 2019, fully completed applications meeting the criteria, must be submitted by Tuesday 30th April, 2019. Applications received after this time cannot be provided a place in the initial intake for the Autumn Term, and will be considered in October 2019. Applications should be submitted well in advance of your arrival in Sweden and places cannot be expected before 10 weeks following a fully completed application meeting our criteria.

Parent’s Employment/Organisation Details

To meet our international admissions criteria, a family must be moving to Sweden for a time-limited international work or study assignment with a company or organisation based in the Gothenburg Region. Please provide details of your work or study arrangement to demonstrate that you meet the international criteria.

Your work/study arrangement must be based in a Gothenburg Region municipality

Upload a letter from your company or organisation confirming your move to Sweden for a time-limited work or study assignment based in the Gothenburg Region. Please DO NOT email your documentation as it overloads the school’s email system and is not a secure nor accepted way to satisfy the terms and conditions of the application process.

Other Guardian’s Employment/Organisation Details

If the student’s other guardian also works or studies, please fill in the following fields